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multiracial group with black african Ame

The Founding Fathers of this great nation did not envision and could not have foreseen that their quest for freedom and independence would  spun the growth of a nation so rich in ethnic culture yet divided on the principals of whom we are as a Free Nation.  Many came to the new land seeking independence and freedom, others brought in chains and ships. Many fleeing persecution and poverty, others merely seeking a better life. What we have evolved into is a collection of minds, spirit, beliefs, fellowship, and achievements, marveled the world throughout. It is this belief that Americans Greatness is, and always has been an evolving process that knows no bounds of achievement and inclusiveness of all people. 

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And the President is

Tuesday November 5, 2024


Tuesday November 5, 2024

Can you see the Forest

Tuesday November 5, 2024

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